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The CubicBird

El pájarocubo

The CubicBird

Jorge Alberto Vega Rivera

Pedro is a bird who grew up in a birdcage. When he was one year old he had a dream of an owl, who adviced him: you just have to should grow to breakout the bird cage. Pedro woke up and said: “I’ll stuff myself with grain and then I won´t be a midget anymore!”. He starts to fill out the whole cage, he pushes it and breaks it up. Pedro made his dream come true and he became the hero of his town.

Festivals and awards

Best Ibero-American Short at the 2020 Quirino Animation Awards
Best National Animation Short Film. Bogoshorts. 2019
Children International Film Festival Seattle 2020 Competition
Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2019
Pixelatl International Festival. 2019
Chilemonos International Festival. 2019

Production company: Ángela María Revelo Castro
Producción: Ángela María Revelo Castro, Jhina Hernández Ospina
Direction: Jorge Alberto Vega Rivera
Script: Marcos Mas (literario)
Cinematography: Alberto Valderrutén
Edition: Cintadhesiva comunicaciones
Music: Héctor Tascón
Cast: Aníbal Gutiérrez, María Juliana Vargas, Arturo Glez-Campos
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