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Tiny Matters

Tiny Matters

Guendalina Vannini

When a girl walks out of her house, objects come to life. Some coins are followed by a purse, dices have a fight among themselves, a thirsty glass looks for some water. Those objects try to live their lives dealing with all this Tiny Matters.

Festivals and awards

Opening Doors – Scuola Holden (2019) Quality Mention
Premio Ermanno Olmi (2019)
Italian Film Festival USA (2020)

Producción: Guilio Paghi
Direction: Guendalina Vannini
Script: Federico Ghillino
Cinematography: Giulio Melani
Edition: Federico Ghillino, Guendalina Vannini
Sound: Paolo Perotti, Mirko Guerra
Music: Nicola Manzan