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Siren's tail

Cua de sirena

Siren’s tail

Alba Barbé i Serra, Miquel Muntaner Marcé

Roque was disoriented. They told him that he was a human and that he could become a siren. He didn’t understand why it was one thing that had to become another. Also forever! One thing or the other. Black or white. Meat or fish. Boy or girl. Human or siren…

Festivals and awards

Formiga Film Festival. Mostra de Cinema Social y Cooperativo. Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Cataluña) Spain
Festival de Cine español de Toulouse y Midi-Pyrénées (CINESPAÑA). France
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival. Barcelona (Cataluña) Spain
Uppsala International Short Film Festival. Sweden
Seattle Queer Film Festival. US
Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya. Girona, Puigcerdà (Cataluña) Spain

Production company: Actuavallès
Producción: Actuavallès
Direction: Alba Barbé i Serra, Miquel Muntaner Marcé
Script: Alba Barbé i Serra, Sara Carro Ibarra
Cinematography: Joan Tous
Edition: Miki Emes
Sound: Santi Careta, Marcel·lí Bayer
Music: Santi Careta, Marcel·lí Bayer
Distribution: Agencia Freak
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